D/Labs in short


D/Labs is a team of passionate people working on three intertwined fields: technical design and operations, software development and real-time content creation. Since 2007, we jointly:

  • Create digital decors for TV shows, musicals, concerts, installations and corporate events,
  • And develop Smode, a revolutionary technology for the creation and manipulation of digital decors.
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    In 2001, we wanted to recover the feeling of musical improvisation when manipulating video content. Our background and interest in real-time 3D programming inspired us to go further on this path and to create SMODE™, a software leveraging the power of modern computer graphics cards to generate and manipulate images in real time. From 2001 to 2007, SMODE™ was used in all possible ways to perform VJing, fast content creation for TV shows, 3D video mapping (in 2007!), interactive video experiments and more (For more details please click on Smode’s history).
    D/Labs was then created to transform those techniques into reliable workflows and technology for the most advanced video setups. Since 2007, D/Labs has worked with SMODE on major tours, concerts and shows from Vegas to Macau. Many of these operations involved unique technical issues, such as large scale 3D video mapping, curved surfaces, motorized surfaces, infrared tracked surfaces, creative LEDs and stereoscopic displays.