Amici 4
Amici 2015
For this italian TV Show with 9 prime-times, we have developed on-site content and technical design, real-time compositing and playback. Large parts of content where created thanks to Smode using intensively our real-time workflow: for many scenes, no single pre-rendering step were required! We used three Smode Media servers for this TV show:

1) Floor projection mapping with 12 projectors (14 meters wide)

  • Dynamic video mapping on three parts of the floor (two of them can be elevated and rotated), based on OSC feedback.
  • Dynamic 3D soft-edges

    2) Mapping on various Led screens:

  • A Led screen of 21mx7m composed of 14 rotating panels
  • A Led screen in the background of 6mx7m
  • 10 side Led screens (for a total of 21mx7m)
  • Led screens situated on the soft-edges of some blocs on the stage

    3) Additional video mapping on custom objects of the stage with 4 projectors

    Project details

    Date: 2015
    Location: Rome, Italie
    Production : Fascino Gestione Teatro
    Videos : Amici di Maria de Filippi
    Artistic Director and choreographer: Giuliano Peparini
    Photos credit: Vincent Le Moigne

  • Video technical design
  • Real-time content design
  • Operation