Skertzo 5
2025 World Expo
Athem et Skertzò were commited for the promotion of the French Candidacy for the 2025 World Expo. They wanted to do a mapping on a 12 meters on diameters sphere which will be present on the center of 16 French towns. The installation of the four video-projectors varies for each towns with distances ranging from 10 to 40 meters. Thanks to Smode Station, the 3D deformation of the video content is computed in real-time, which significantly eases the adaptation to the city-specific video-projector setups. Also, thanks to the 3D simulation it was possible to previsualize content in 3D and to apply native 3D deformation effects such as content rotations in all directions.
Project details

Date: 2016
Location: Major towns in France
Conception et creation of the content : Athem & Skertzò
Photo credit: © Athem & Skertzò

  • Mapping technical design
  • Media server providing