13 - HOS 2016
Hands on Smode
In October 2016, D/Labs and its partner, Alabama, organized a presentation of Smode , followed by technical and artistic demos.

D/Labs and Alabama had imagined for the occasion a displaceable pyramid from left to right with a 360° rotation. Projectors were installed like a star to map each face of the pyramid and an LED screens were installed as a backdrop.

The teams at D/Labs and Alabama demonstrated that Smode allows to work immediately in 3D, to recalculate in real-time and automatically the geometry on the image, while managing the blending and the warping. The pyramid was then transformed into a “beacon”, the spotlights creating a light beam projecting content in motion on the LED screen.

Détails du projet

Date : 2016
Lieu : Locaux d’Alabama de Roissy-en-France
Press: Sound Light Up   /  Ziogiorgio   /   Sonovision  /  Actualités de la Scénographie