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Website – Yaranyared
We worked with UltraNoir to create a real-time audio-reactive WebGL website (www.yaranyared.com). We made real-time content graphical design in our software Smode and then contributed to porting the code to WebGL/ThreeJs. Thanks to its real-time workflow, Smode enabled us to make all graphical design very quickly without writing any line of code! This approach constrasts with traditional WebGL development workflows that require developper skills throughout all the chain. This website received the awards “site of the day” from thefwa and awwwards and was referenced by chrome experiments.
Project details

Date: 2014
Website: www.yaranyared.com
In collaboration with: UltraNoir

  • Custom R&D
  • Real-time content design
  • Press review :
    Webgl wonders
    Web designer trends