Our unique team of researchers, engineers and designers provides a variety of services at every step of your project. We can accompany you for the overall project or we can participate at one particular step such as technical support, operational team or content design. Whether your need is in the concept, the feasibility, the design or the visual realization, we offer a dedicated support, from one day to one year.




  • Technical and scenographic consulting
  • consulting 1
    ●  We measure the feasibility of your project

    • ●  We identify its potential for creativity and spectacular power.
    • ●  We help you making the right choices to find the best video setup adapted to your budget.
  • Video technical design
  • technical design 1
    ●  Depending on the size and budget of your specific project, we can provide material recommendation

    • ●  We create production schedule
    • ●  We can define a team of expert dedicated for your project
  • Real-time content design
  • crea 1
    ●  We propose content design based on our real-time workflow

    • ●  We create visual ingredients, assemble them and incorporate additional content from the early steps thanks to a 3D simulation of the stage to the last moment on-site.
  • Operation
  • op 1
    ●  We can calibrate video projectors for advanced video mapping

    • ●  We encode content in relation to the stage and perform live show control.
    • ●  Once everything is ready, we can either operate ourself for single-date shows or we can turn our system into a tourable package and train a local operator.


  • Custom research and development
  • R&D 1
    ●  With a strong background ranging from software development to mathematics, our R&D Team can also perform on-demand research and development to face virtually any challenge.

    • ●  The team is in a continuous process of innovation stimulated by a unique combination of long-term vision and heavy experience of the field.